La Cabana The beginnings

In 2003, the Badia brothers undertook a professional project that allowed them to transform La Cabana, an old hostel located in the city of Berga, into a new culinary space with various environments. Thanks to Jordi’s cooking and Josep’s personalized service, La Cabana has managed to establish itself as one of the reference restaurants in the Berguedà region.

Commitment and very clear values

Al llarg dels últims catorze anys i essent fidels a la concepció inicial del projecte, s’ha realitzat paulatinament una reforma integral que ha permès obtenir un espai representatiu dels valors i la filosofia de treball dels germans Badia.

Modernization Yearning for improvement

In this sense, the renovation carried out in 2010 at the Café Terrassa, a space located on the upper floor of the building with a modern and minimalist design, stands out. This floor has a terrace that offers customers the possibility of having a meal or a drink outdoors, in a very relaxed and pleasant atmosphere that highlights the spectacular surroundings.

In 2012 and as part of the improvement process, a multipurpose room was inaugurated on the second floor for celebrations and events, business, cultural and culinary events. For the creation of this space, every detail was studied, achieving a calm and intimate atmosphere that favors communication.