Wednesday, 14 / February / 2024


Tomato salad, candied sardine and lettuce salad

Pumpkin and orange ravioli, with pear sausage cream (fresh pasta)

Courgette boats filled with cannelloni slices, with béchamel and sweet tomato

Cream Vichyssoise, with entrebanques

Roast chicken cannelloni, with quicho bechamel (supplement: €6.25)

Poached egg at 65º, with potato cream, neck bacon and truffle (supplement: €7.75)

Our calçot with cod brandade, sobrassada and cheese (supplement: €4.50)

Fish bouillabaisse (supplement: €6.25)



Salt-cured cod with tomato and spinach Catalan style

Beef cut from the Berguedà mountain farmers cooperative, grilled (thick steak)

Wellington-style snack (wrapped in puff pastry, smoked bacon and mushrooms)

Stewed beef casserole

Grilled beef fillet (supplement: €17.00)

Grilled beef entrecote (supplement: €14.50)

Roasted venison loin and chestnuts with fennel (supplement: €15.95)

Breaded pork leg medallion with prawn (supplement: €10.75)

Balfegó tuna tataki, tomato, sweet onion and guacamole memories (supplement: €15.25)



-made by us, with the exception of yogurt and ice creams-

Apple strudel cannelloni

Creamy gypsy arm

Yoghurt with jam (set aside)

Egg flan

Catalan cream

ice creams Choose a flavor from: cream / vanilla / chocolate / strawberry

Chocolate coulant with scoop of vanilla ice cream (supplement: €3.95)

Carrot cake our way, mascarpone cream and strawberry jam (supplement: €3.95)

Fried milk, cinnamon and apple crumble ice cream (supplement: €3.95)

Our Ferrero Rocher, chocolate and nougat (supplement: €3.95)

Caramelized natural pineapple, passion fruit ice cream and Catalan cream foam (supplement: €3.95)

MENU PRICE: €18.50 (VAT included)

The price includes bread (one basket per table) and still water (one liter bottle for every two people).

Other drinks and coffees are not included in the price.

Gluten-free bread: €2.50 / person

If you have leftover food, you can take it with you. The price of each container is €0.60.

You cannot share a menu between two or more people, nor exchange desserts for coffees.

If you have any food allergies or intolerances, it is important that you let us know, and we will inform you of the composition of the dishes.