Passion for the kitchen

La Cabana restaurant is made up of a team of professionals who share the passion and enthusiasm for cooking. The secret of its success is based on a constant restlessness to learn, evolve and surprise that has positioned La Cabana as one of the gastronomic benchmarks in the region.

The brothers Badia Trajectory

The professional career of the Badia brothers has made it possible to consolidate a very complete work team that accommodates various types of expressions and knowledge. The evident influence of Jordi and Josep, as well as the search for excellence, is reflected both in the technique with which each dish is prepared and in the friendly and welcoming treatment that customers receive.

La Cabana restaurant team creates a world of culinary sensations that turns every meal into a unique experience.

Our kitchen Philosophy
Concept personal

The Badia brothers, throughout their professional career, have focused their efforts on recovering and reinventing traditional cuisine, betting on a new gastronomic culture that enhances the use of local products.

Their culinary creations are made with high-quality ingredients that come mostly from the territory itself, reducing the environmental impact of the transport of goods, respecting natural cycles and benefiting the health of consumers.

The use of fresh and seasonal products, together with an innate interest in research and innovation, have allowed Jordi and Josep Badia to create their own culinary label, betting on a creative cuisine that is able to transmit the values of own territory

Fusion Tradition and contemporaneity

The personal touch that characterizes the cuisine directed by Jordi, based on the fusion between tradition and modernity, can be tasted in all his creations. All the dishes that are included in the La Cabana restaurant’s menu are faithful to these principles, and have achieved the recognition of the entire region.